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What they found was astonishing; both vape users and cigarette smokers showed signed of diminished activity in these genes, however the vape group in particular exhibited decreased activity in 300 more genes in comparison to regular smoking!

Internal bodily exposure to these metals are also linked to risks for cancer and abnormal cell growth. Pankow, a professor of chemistry and engineering at Portland State University in Oregon, found that vaping 3 milligrams of liquid at a voltage commonly used in commercial vapes produced 14 milligrams of formaldehyde.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a press release in 2014 indicating that the number of calls into poison centers involving e-cigarette liquids was 215 times greater compared to 2010.

The article further explains that this poisoning occurs in three ways: ingestion, inhalation, or absorption through the eyes and skin.

In one study, researchers measured the makeup of what they refer to as the “aerosols,” or the chemical composition of the vape smoke.

They found that metals such as tin, nickel, silver, iron, aluminum, silicate, and chromium were present in this vape smoke in levels equal to, or greater than the concentrations found in traditional cigarette smoke.

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