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You create a resume for one reason: To get a phone call, says Kim Fowler of Fowler Placement Service Inc.&nbsrw an someone contact you if the phone number is missing a digit or your email address is incorrect?

Failing to make a strong case for why you are the best person for this job. Forgetting to bring a copy of your resume and/or portfolio.18. If you're using your company's job description, you're missing the point of your resume, says Paul Schmitz of Hufford Associates.

In fall 2002, Resume asked more than 2,500 recruiters from a variety of industries what they see on resumes that they just can't stand, and created a list of the top 20 pet peeves.

Just because your resume is nice on paper, it doesn't mean it's nice on a computer.

Laughing, giggling, whistling, humming, lip-smacking. Name-dropping or bragging or sounding like a know-it-all.33. When you're interested, focused, and self-motivated, nearly anything can be an asset." by Norma Mushkat The Internet has changed the focus of a job search, explains Michael Worthington of Resume

Saying "you know," "like," "I guess," and "um." 32. According to Seiden, "The most important thing about resume boosters is not what they are, but how you present them.

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