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“Arguments about money is by far the top predictor of divorce,” noted Britt, assistant professor of family studies and human services and program director of personal financial planning, in a press release. It’s money — for both men and women.” After studying data from 4,500 couples surveyed as part of the National Survey of Families and Households in 2013, Britt also concluded that money arguments are some of the hardest to recover from for most couples – and that financial arguments lead to decreased relationship satisfaction over time.

Britt’s findings seem to echo those from the Federal Reserve Board in suggesting that couples who are financially incompatible from the beginning have a harder climb ahead.

And for couples who may not be on the same page, Britt suggests seeing a financial planner as part of premarital counseling.

Then it matches you with a partner based on that score.

According to an ongoing paper from the Federal Reserve Board, people with drastically different credit scores may experience more financial stress down the line — which places a major burden on a relationship.

In fact, the paper concludes “couples with larger [credit] score gaps at the beginning of their relationship are more likely to subsequently separate.” That’s right: People with dissimilar credit scores are more likely to break up – at least eventually. The study, which analyzed 12 million randomly selected consumer credit profiles, also showed that people with higher credit scores are more likely to form committed relationships in the first place.

In a perfect world, your preferred romantic partner will be an ideal financial match as well.

But in the real world, a good looker with bad credit might spell financial disaster and a rocky relationship ahead.

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The site says it has an 86% to 89% success rate when it comes to long-term relationships and marriages.

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