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The response overwhelmingly favored a personal legacy over worldly goods.

In other words, they preferred values over valuables.

It conveys expressions of love, blessings,personal and family stories you treasure; it articulates what you value and want to be remembered for, what you hope your survivors learn from you or want your children and grandchildren never to forget.

This message can be expressed in a one-page letter, a collection of messages, as a videotape of you expressing yourself even as a newspaper article.

Ten-year-old with Flint roots wins military child of the year award.

The father of Willie Banks III died when Willie was five, but wrote his son six letters to guide him. They include life instructions, lessons and encouragement." ~ Beata Mostafavi, Flint Journal, 3-19-10People's dreams are made out of what they do all day.

Your living will spells out the kind of medical care you want when you can no longer care for yourself (should they shut off the ventilator when all hope seems lost, or should they do everything possible to save you? Your letter of intent (see Kristie Miller's, on my other website) spells out the things that would make you happy should you experience a disabling health event, so that you can't care for yourself and might not be able to express yourself.

But recently he received copies of his parents papers, which are archived at the Claremont Colleges in California. I suppose I should be concerned about the money, but I want to leave my kids a family history and a family intellectual history, because were fortunate enough to have one.

From a New York Times business story, Breaking the Silence, by John Leland (March 18, 2008): David Wallechinsky, the son of the writer Irving Wallace, said he managed his mothers finances for the last seven years of her life.

Now, at 60, having his inheritance meted out by trustees feels like an indignity, he said.

It could involve writing memoirs or an autobiography (see link below to an Atlanta Journal story).

The Financial Planning Association reports from survey results that these "non-financial leave-behinds" are ten times more important to most people than their parents' financial legacy.

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