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The second one - Hoher Rand, produced small inventory in the stratigraphic position. They further continue through the territory of central West Carpathians where radiolarites occur in limestones of the Krížna Nappe (together with the Choč Nappe they form a wrap unit around a group of core mountains) up to the klippen belt. Zvláštní místo mezi archeologickým materiálem zaujímají drobné předměty, například přezky, kování pasových garnitur i hunských postrojů, potažené zlatou fólií zdobenou lisovaným ornamentem a někdy i barevnými vložkami z polodrahokamů, dále zlaté obklady luků a jiné honosné artefakty, označované souhrnným názvem: nálezy stylu Novogrigorjevka.

Among tools trapezium and middle part of unidentified microliths should be exposed, both made of Cracow-Jurassic flint. It is this formation that represents the most important and largest source of radiolarites in Slovakia. Zaseckaja: Die Steppen des nördlichen Schwarzmeergebietes während der Hunnenzeit. Samotné kostrové hroby, vybavené analogickými atributy, jsou poměrně řídké a některé sporné.

The first one - Vyšná zákruta II position, is destroyed as a result of multi-annual, deeply ploughed and drainage works. Chmielewski (Ed.): Materiały do prahistorii plejstocenu i wczesnego holocenu Polski. They already occur since the Meliatic in which also radiolarites of Triassic age are included. To o této výbavě dovoluje hovořit jako o výrazu hunské alternativní identity (Schmauder 1997; 2002; Wolfram 1998, 183 n.).

Introduction In the most general summary of results of the Stone Age studies in the Western Carpathian Mountains, achievement of the research of Palaeolithic should be placed on the first plan. Spišská Belá, Hoher Rand position The site is on the high bank of the river Biela, in the culmination of a slight surface terrace cats in the neighbourhood of 646 m. Osídlenie spišských travertínov v staršej dobe kamennej. Bolešov/Krivoklát - Pri troch kopcoch The extraction of radiolarite and chert from a primary source at the cadastral border between Bolešov and Krivoklát was first detected at the location Pri troch kopcoch where on the southeast slope named Kráľov vrch a mining pit (Fig. With regard to the finding context it is an exploited part of the klippe in which either a single thick layer or multiple layers of radiolarite and chert were included. stol., jejichž bojové oddíly byly značně ceněny při různých akcích římské armády, ve druhém případě o odraz hunské přítomnosti v době vrcholu hunské moci, který kromě honosných souborů, spojených se sebereflexí a sebereprezentací nejvyšší hunské mocenské složky, přináší již relativně početné ukázky hmotné kultury různorodých, ponejvíce východogermánských populací podrobených Huny a žijících v široké oblasti středního Podunají ve druhé třetině 5. Slovenská archeológia LVIII-1, 2010, ARCHEOZOOLOGICKÉ NÁLEZY ZO STREDOVEKÉHO SÍDLISKA V BAJČI ZORA MIKLÍKOVÁ Archaeozoological Finds from the Medieval Settlement in Bajč.

A surprising number of discoveries in the caves and open-air sites in the Slovak part of the Carpathians were so far documented (Bánesz 1961; 1962a; Bárta 1965; 1980; Vlček 1969; see also Kaminská 2005; Soják 2002a; 2003) in contrast to low number of such sites at the territory of the Polish Carpathians. One of two artefacts concentrations of surface (Soják/Novák 2000, 125) has been excavated in small trench with dimensions of 2 x 4 m (Fig. Stratigraphy of the site is as follows: 0-30 cm - recent topsoil, cm - loess-like layer. 2: 1, 3) was discovered in a cropping out or exposed klippe. The difference in height between the present bottom of the lower pit and the upper rim of the preserved limestone klippe is 13 m. This work aims to present preliminary data gathered by the archaeozoological analysis of unique faunal assemblage collected during archaeological excavation at Bajč, location Medzi kanálmi, and on their basis, to shed more light on animal husbandry and hunting during the early Middle Ages on the territory of south-west Slovakia.

This was first due to address the problem to petroarchaeological identification of Pieniny radiolarities, which quickly led to a series of discoveries of open air Late Palaeolithic workshops of this rock (Kozłowski et al. In the rocky ground at a depth of about 50 cm a rectangle pit with rounded corners, measuring 23 x 55 cm was discovered (Fig. Burned bone from the filling of this pit gave an AMS date, pointed for Roman CONTRIBUTION TO THE MESOLITHIC IN THE SLOVAK CARPATHIANS 7 Period. On two terrace-like modified surfaces in immediate neighbourhood of the mining pit probably the primary processing of RESEARCH ON RADIOLARITES OF THE WHITE CARPATHIAN KLIPPEN BELT 17 Fig. extracted radiolarite and chert raw materials had been carried out. In addition to that, we focused on the demography in order to explore the management strategies and way of exploitation of domestic animals and on the skeletal element representation in the assemblage in order to answer the questions pertaining the amount and quality of locally consumed meat.

1981; Rydlewski 1989; Rydlewski/ Valde-Nowak 1977; Valde-Nowak 1991) and finally to documentation of Middle-, and Upper Palaeolithic sequences in the Obłazowa Cave (Valde-Nowak/Nadachowski/Madeyska 2003). Western part of the West Carpathians Mountains with selected excavated and systematic surveyed Mesolithic sites. From the trench come 36 silica artefacts, including 10 from topsoil, 23 from loess-like layer and 3 from the secondary position - filling of the pit (Fig. The structure of this raw material inventory is as follows: Cracow-Jurassic flint (13 pieces), radiolarite (12 pieces), burned siliceous rock (7 pieces), Świeciechów flint (2 pieces), limnoquarzite (1 piece), patinated flint (1 piece). 7: 2; 11: 3) and middle part of unidentified microlits (Fig. Waga: Przyczynek do poznania mezolitu północno-zachodniej części Karpat. Gancarski (Ed.): Starsza i środkowa epoka kamienia w Karpatach Polskich. Not far from there another two crater-shaped round pits were detected, one of them disturbed by the incision of a forest road. Von den Anfängen bis zur Mitte des sechsten Jahrhunderts. In this regard, diachronic changes have been investigated, in order to attest various trends observed and published previously by other scholars.

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Here the findings in Barca, site I in Košice Valley (Prošek 1959) and a group of sandy-sites in the south-western Slovakia close to the Danube river plain - Sereď, Tomášikovo, Mostová (Bárta 1955; 1957; 1959; 1960; 1972) should be mentioned. In this context assumption concerning the existence of Mesolithic also in northern Slovakia, specifically at the foot of the Tatra Mountains, should be remembered. During excavation three geological samples were taken (Fig. Both of the pits were situated in a gently sloping ground less than 200 m from one of the smaller tributaries of the Bolešovský Creek. Key words: Slovakia, early Middle Ages, animal bone remains, food, husbandry practices.

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