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While learning Portuguese, he began to doubt the grammatical honesty of the New World Translation. Topics include the Watchtowers doctrinal changes; Who is the Alpha & Omega; Should Christians date unbelievers and should we worship Jesus? What is the spiritual reality behind this hot fitness and stress reduction exercise?

Email Don at- David and Penny were faithful Jehovah's Witnesses until reading the bible opened their eyes to the deception of the Watchtower. What is hatha yoga and should Christians be involved in this Eastern practice?

After receiving Jesus he was set free from the spiritual oppression that chained him. And more Listen as former Jehovahs Witness, Ruth Baker, shares her personal experience in losing a son due to the Watchtowers ban on blood transfusions. Topics include phrenology, astrology, communication with the dead, spirit mediums and more! Is the United Pentecostal Church just another division of Pentecostalism? Is Jesus the only true God in three separate modes? Get an inside look from former member, Jason Carlson, and find out: What is the Emergent Church? Did Jesus command us to eat and drink His literal body and blood? Mike is at Test all Things Radio Show by Fran Sankey. Topics include the Sabbath, Investigative Judgment, Ellen G.

You can email Bill at - "Caves and Veils" - Don served the Watchtower for many years as a pioneer and a Circuit Overseer in Brazil. Topics include: How could Jesus come through walls? What to expect at a church service; postmodernism; How does Emergent treat the Bible and doctrine; evangelism Emergent style and more from Test all Things Radio Show by Fran Sankey. White, the state of the dead, Jesus Christ and more. An interview with former astrologer & New Ager Marcia Montenegro from Christian Answers for the New Age.

After secretly calling a ministry phone line for 2 years, she prayed and asked Jesus to be her Lord and Savior. - "We Found Jesus- The Only Way To Salvation" Art & Pam share about their quest for truth including a nail-biting story of their child's injury and the life and death decision over blood transfusion that they were faced with. Marcia Montenegro answers questions about this hot new series of vampire romance novels by Stephenie Meyer? A critical look at many of the basic doctrines of Catholicism including the Sacrifice of the Mass, Mary, Tradition and Roman Salvation.- Gods Amazing Grace Raised as a Witness and with a real heart to please Jehovah, Traci found herself trapped in a self-destructive lifestyle. Mike is at Test all Things Radio Program by Fran Sankey.At rock bottom, she came to experience the forgiveness of Jesus. A study of 8 key New Testament scriptures regarding the person of Jesus Christ, hell and salvation. Topics include: Has the Bible been interpreted accurately? Does the Book of Mormon have factual evidence to support its validity as the Word of God? What are the marks of a cult and the control tactics they use on members?Jean is now a bold witness for the real truth of Jesus Christ and the gospel that saves. An interview with Mark Robinson from include: Common Jewish Objections to the Gospel, Jewish Afterlife, Isaiah 53, Keeping Jesus Jewish, Good Ways to Witness, and more! A personal interview with Doris Hanson, a former member of a polygamous fundamental sect. Ron Hubbard, God & Jesus, the after life and much more!Her site is at "From Confusion to Christ" As a young woman, Joan left the cult in which she was raised to become a JW. An in-depth study, with Tom Mc Govern, of the resurrection of Jesus Christ according to the Jehovahs Witnesses. Karen is at Test all Things Radio Show by Fran Sankey.

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A life of abuse and confusion ended when a neighbor introduced her to the love and peace of Christ. An interview with Bob Anderson from Watchman Fellowship. What is the secret source and the hidden secret behind it all?

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