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There appears to be a lot of turnover within the company, they’ve gone through a handful of CEOs over the past few years, and there have supposedly been issues where the company hasn’t necessarily met the goals it sets out to do.The position itself is a great fit for me overall, but I’m really wary of this company’s future.

I really don’t want to leave this job as I like the company’s philosophy, the people/culture, not to mention the fact that jobs in this somewhat niche field are few and far between.The people that I have interacted with are unwavering in their stance that this training is at their location only.How can I address this issue with the company or my management that will show that I am not getting this training because I can not go there to get it… I feel like emailing up the food chain at the company to see if I can get something accomplished.(Make sure you don’t sound like you’re expecting to move up in an unrealistic amount of time — if it normally takes people three years to get to the next step, present your plan within that framework.) 2.My employer wants me to remove an offensive sticker from my truck I recently broke up with my girlfriend and to retaliate, I put a sticker across the front windshield of my truck that says “Lift it!

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