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Large investments in health have led to significant declines in both diseases; however, emerging evidence suggests that climate…The last series of MTV Shuga was distributed to 176 broadcasters in 73 countries, reaching 720 million viewers.Man gets gross infection after popping zit with woodwork blade 5 ways to get through your day when you're over your job Sugar and carbs cause heart disease, not cholesterol 'Walking meetings' may boost employees' health and productivity Parliament finally passes sugary drinks tax What NOT to say to someone with anxiety Is brain cancer really linked to herpes? We are sure to have the right present amongst our huge selection of products from your favourite brands.“Safe Love” started out by conducting focus groups to better understand the cultural dynamics at play in low condom use and other risky behaviors.The insights CSH gained — such as that men considered condom use to be a sign of weakness and women felt uncomfortable asking men to wear condoms — helped the program target its messaging.The success of the “Safe Love” is a reminder not to underestimate the power of good storytelling to break taboos and get people talking about healthy attitudes and behaviors.As the campaign’s outcome evaluation says: “Most of the effects found are likely due to mass media, but a particular kind of mass media that characterized the Safe Love campaign: one that encouraged the audience to engage deeply with the lives of characters and situations, reflect on their own lives, and discuss what they had seen or heard with their partners, family, and peers.” Compounded Impacts of Climate Change: Emerging Health Risks to the World’s Most Vulnerable Populations This post originally appeared on Climate Links.

“Durex Love Guru looks to encourage young people to seriously consider the choices they make with regards to their sex life and be in a position to make informed choices.The most ambitious and successful element of the campaign was a weekly TV drama called “Safe Love,” which follows the lives of five modern women as they search for love in the age of HIV/AIDS.Bringing together a cast of locally known actors, the show encapsulated all of CSH’s safe-sex messages in stories about characters and situations that resonated with Zambians and Africans more widely.An evaluation conducted by the World Bank on Shuga series three (set in Nigeria) showed that the series led to changes in young people’s attitude and behaviour towards HIV and chlamydia testing and risky sex.Through this investment, we are able to reach millions of girls and boys across Africa, including our priority countries, with targeted adolescent sexual health messages.

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