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It’s time for a special edition of Real Actual Listing Photos, where we play a game I just invented called “Guess What’s Amiss.” Here’s how this game works: I’ll post photos from a handful of listings, and you see if you can guess what’s odd about them that would cause me to feature them here.In case you still haven’t figured it out yet, aside from a slight shift left or right, the sky in each of these listing photos is identical.He was flattered when I dropped him a line to let him know about the prevalence of his photo in so many listings.I haven’t yet been able to locate Vicaso’s source photo for the fake fire, so if you come across it let me know.Here’s another example where the effect is particularly surreal when you flip between photos #1 and #6.Of course, the influence of super-sky isn’t limited to our backyard.Tabloids are reporting that Johnny & Associates group Arashi might be doing the first for a Johnny’s group, actually fully embracing the internet.Arashi has established themselves as not only one of the most popular and beloved Johnny’s acts of all time, but for J-pop in general also.

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Here’s how I imagine the process: After your photos are shot on-site by one of their photographers (using a very specific set of pre-defined camera settings), the files are sent over to what I like to picture as a Photoshop sweat shop, where a boiler room full of recent art school graduates spend all day swapping out skies, merging exposures, cranking up the saturation, and dropping fake fires into fireplaces.

Dozens (if not hundreds) of listings here in Seattle are sporting this same exact sky.

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