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You can also add any additional embellishments with ribbon, tulle, rhinestones, etc.The first thing I did was prep my ornament by removing the hanging top and setting it aside.Polycrylic: The “glue” that I’d be using is none other than my trusty can of polycrylic!I sure am getting some mileage out of this little can of wonder: I’ve used it on my family’s growth chart ruler, my niece’s Classic Alice in Wonderland first birthday chalkboard poster, and also her coordinating Alice growth chart ruler.Well, I felt like I needed some more glitter in my life (don’t we all!

I thought However, most of the bubbles popped during the upcoming draining phase, and any that remained popped while being coated in glitter. Once I had a nice, even coat of polycrylic over the entire inside surface, I drained most of the excess back into the can….Plus, since they’re disc-shaped and not completely round, personalizing them would be a breeze!Glitter: Surprisingly, I didn’t have any glitter on hand before embarking on this project…even my husband was all I know it, babe. So, I purchased this colorful set of fine glitter since I wasn’t sure what my ornaments were going to look like just yet…. (It looks like that Martha Stewart set is no longer available, but this one is very similar.) I’m afraid this may have unleashed a monster in me though….So I placed one of the mini funnels in the top in preparation for my glue. Miniature things just make me smile….especially miniature ponies…cupcakes…baby sneakers. I first gave the can of polycrylic and little shake (but I might stir the can in the future…on this below), popped the top off, then poured a small amount into the ornament.It doesn’t really matter how much you add…can always add more if you need some, and if you add too much, it’ll just get drained anyway. Next up, I just started moving the ornament so the polycrylic swirled around and coated all areas of the inside, including the neck.

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