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When people today hear I was sent away to board at a school 200 miles from home at the age of seven, they often raise a disapproving eyebrow, snort a contemptuous snort or fling up a despairing hand at the coldness, the cruelty and neglect of parents who could do such a thing to a child of such tender years. What is forgotten by those who dislike the idea of children being sent away at an early (or any) age is the matter of expectation and custom.The rightness or wrongness of private boarding education is a separate issue, and I change my opinion of it as regularly as I change my socks and my views on God.The school, which even had a butler, a Mr Dealey, and was run by the Angus family, who loved animals, was very much a 'country' school.Whenever I picture myself there, I see myself out of doors: walking, den-building, sliding, tumbling, boating, fishing and, in winter, sliding across the iced lake, tobogganing and rolling snowballs down slopes until they grew to be the size of small vans.The child was more malevolent, I think, than the adolescent, because at least the adolescent had love as an excuse.All the child wanted was to tear at sweets with his teeth.

Stephen was was diagnosed with psychothermia - which causes mood swings leading to disturbed behaviour - when he first started seeing the psychiatrist following his suicide attempt in Uganda four years ago.When I was seven years old (as I am in this photograph), every child I knew of my own age went away to boarding school.Again, the rightness or wrongness of being friendly only with children from similar backgrounds is a separate issue.The bad luck was primarily asthma, a condition inherited, I suppose, from my father who had spent a year in hospital as a child because of it. I'm afraid stealing became second nature to me, and the boys changing room was the place to start. 'There always something sly about you, Fry.' There was a way some masters and prefects had of pronouncing my surname that seemed to me, in my guilt, to mean cunning and unclean and ratty and devious and unhealthy and deceitful and duplicitous and sly. We didn't have to take the 11-plus as we were all bound for public schools, but a master suggested we try the exam for fun.Later, I became adept at using my asthma to get out of undesirable activities. Up and down the pegs I would go, lightly tapping the trousers and blazers until I heard the chink of coins. I am trying hard, even now, to forgive myself for those years of stealing. On my headmaster's desk, I came upon the list which called itself 11-plus results.

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  1. This initial interest is enough to spark a romance for them that will either be a brief but torrid affair, or a lifelong challenge for them. As the relationship goes beyond initial attraction, she may try to shake things up a little just to keep herself amused.