Updating blackberry 8330 os

To be honest though, having been on a Black Berry Bold for a few weeks now, this new OS seems a bit underwhelming at this point.

Granted, this is a fairly early beta and has a long way to go in the life cycle process (it is good to see RIM working on this version prior to wrapping up OS 4.5), so there’s still time to really “WOW! However, until that time, we think this version should currently be considered OS 4.6 for the Curve.

If you have a Verizon Black Berry Curve 8330 or Black Berry Pearl 8130 you can now download an update of OS 4.5 from the Verizon official website.

Unfortunately if you own a Black Berry 8830 there is no update OS 4.5 available for you yet, but if you want to be kept up-to-date with the latest information and download for your Black Berry then on the Crack Berry Forum you will see all the reviews and news on the latest OS 4.5.

Let’s just hope none of us are sporting walking canes by that time.

You know, RIM kind of has a bad track record when it comes to release dates…

Here’s the Black Berry Pearl 8130/8130m, Curve 8330/8330m, and 8830 official OS update via U.

This service is not available for Individual Liable subscribers.

Dated: 6/18/2009 Software Version: 2.25.0047 OS Supported: Windows 2000, XP (32 bit), and Vista (32 and 64 bit) PLEASE NOTE: This software is not compatible with NMEA Ports for Windows Vista 64-bit users.

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