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He was with DOAL (German East Africa Line) before joining Nedlloyd. May 1943 joined the Royal Navy as a Special Entry Cadet. 1945 flew out to India to become involved in trooping flights between Karachi and Chakulia. Thereafter he went to England and joiend the Royal Navy fleet Air Arm. Served Cadetship with Southern Steamships before joining the British Merchant Navy and served with various companies. In spite of that managed to pass Masters and worked a passage back to Cape Town as ordinary seaman on the Athlone Castle Shortly thereafter, Safmarine acquired four more ships. Decorations: Chief of Defence Force recommendation. Son of Victor Charles Carter and Rosina Letitia nee Dicks. He then joined the RNR, was afterward transferred to the SANFUR, and on 28 November 1942 was reported missing, presumed killed, in the loss of the Greek submarine Triton.1978 joined the S. 1994 joined P&I Associates as Marine Surveyor and was later promtoed to P&I Operations Manager, Durban. 1947 joined Safmarine and was Third Officer on the S. Appointed to Blue Funnel Lines and granted midshipman R. I am really enjoying my time back home and having fun with business! Son of William Evan Clark and Eleanor Evelyn; ed Mansfield Road School, Durban; cadet draft 1925/26.

His last voyage was on the coaster MV Induna which was lost at sea with only one survivor on or about 05 September 1978. On 5 September 1978 she encountered heavy weather off the southern tip of Madagascar and began taking water in the forward hold. After leaving General Botha Allan Stuart Ainslie became a cadet in the White Star Line and also a Probationary Midshipman RNR. September 1945 to February 1946 Sub Lieutenant Course. Demobilised at the end of WWII and after returning home went fishing for pilchards at Walvis Bay. This opened up tremendous promotion possibilities, and I received command of Constantia in January of 1959. In 1927 William Evan Clark joined the Union Castle Mail Steamship Co, as Cadet and served in the Merchant Navy until 29 October 1942, when he was released to join the SANF. Lines on the Aelo but came ashore a year later and joined Robb Motors in their shipping department where he remained for 5 years.

1952 – Skippered the “North Cape” from Cape Town to Western Australia where she was used in the Crayfish industry. Held number of Chief Executive positions & Director of several of Australia’s largest companies. 1990 – started with Sea Harvest as Training Officer. Unfortunately his first marriage ended in divorce when Betty refused to accompany him in a career change move to Johannesburg. Fortunately Sarships Aloe needed a third mate, and I signed on under Scotty Edwards. Son of Martin Johannes Michael Carstens and Elizabeth Maria, nee Cilliers. After serving his time at sea he joined the South African Railways and harbours in late 1953 as Mate in Durban. 1940 transfererd to Seaward Defence Force as Sub Lieutenant, subsequently changed to S. Navy, Naval career in Executive Sea going capacities. In this position I did some interesting projects for Saipem as Project Marine Advisor on the 4 billion dollar Dolphin Project in Qatar & UAE (offshore construction) – we chartered a total of 85 offshore vessels for this project to carry out diverse offshore works.

Young candidates for their second mates would know they were in for a grilling if ‘Frikkie’ was to take them for orals! The twins,now aged 3, are an absolute joy and undoubtedly “the sunshine of our lives”.1943 – 1945 – Cadet in SAR Ships including Danish Vessels Selandia & Inga Maersk. 1946 – 1949 – Second Mate Erica, Dalia, Agulhas & Nahoon 1950 – First Mate & Relieving Master Hoeveld 1951 – was spent as Skipper of Ovenstones Purse Seiners Pilchard Fishing ex Walvis Bay. Comm (Unisa).1958 – 62 – Shell Tankers, Second Mates Certificate. He was the fifth generation of his family to follow a career in Lithography. Managed to pass the written portion but failed the oral portion and had to put in extra sea time. In 1939 Johannes Arnoldus Carstens joined the Prince Line and on when serving in the Scottish Prince, died of asphyxiation from an escape of gas while working in the hold, as the vessel had been badly damaged in the evacuation from Greece. After a total of 8 years with SMIT I joined Noble Denton Middle East as Senior Marine Surveyor and later Principal Surveyor and Marine Consultant.

Twenty-four days later the chief officer was rescued some six hundred miles from where the ship sank by the Greek vessel Constantia, the engineer having died some days before. 2000 – Branch Manager of Diamond Shipping, Cape Town. Sailed on passenger vessels, Clan Line, Bowater paper carriers and King Link bulk carriers. Worked in various jobs in the Bahamas, USA, Japan and UK including skipper of a luxury yacht. 1962 to 1964 navigation direction of the naval staff at the admiralty. Deceased 09/12/2010After Bothie apprenticed to Thesen Line. After Bothie joined the merchant marine and ten years later served in WWII which evetually took him to the recaptured Tobruk where he was harbour master for two years. and was later apprenticed to the Union Castle company, s.s. Left the sea in May 1929 and took up appointment as Senior Guide to the Cango Caves. Died under tragic circumstances at Oudtshoorn on 31st March 1932. 1949 joined mine safety appliances in Durban 1961 sent to Sydney to form Australian company for M. Then to Cape Town as Marine Manager for a further three years. After obtaining Second Officer’s Certificate in 1957 joined Safmarine as Third Officer. Qualified as a Diver and Seamanship Instructor and served in various ships and bases. (Admiral Woodburne received the Van Riebeeck Decoration). He aslo spent many years training which included marine personnel from various shipping companies as well as lecturers at the Genearl Botha, Granger Bay.

Then joined Unicorn Lines and sailed as Chief Engineer until retirement in 1988. 1965 to 1966 Far East as Executive Officer of the ex Aircraft Carrier HMS Triumph which became a heavy repair vessel. Then seconded to the Royal Navy and saw service in the South Atlantic, Indian Ocean and the Pacific. Reported in “Both watches” 1952: With the rank of Lieutenant-Commander, S. Later returned to Port Elizabeth where he commanded the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Base from 1954 to 1963. Maury [Maurice] Bassett, died on the evening of 24 October 2016 while being operated on for a tumour. Chettle, Marine and Classification Surveyors and 8 years later returned to Safmarine to assist with the preparations for the introduction of containerisation in S. Later years transferred from oeprations to the commercial office of Safmarine Durban until retirement in 1999. David Bell joined the General Botha from Kuils River High School and established himself in boxing, rugby, whaler pulling and the band. Went back to the States as Vice President, and served in various positions there until finished up as President. Prizes won: “Howard” Silver medal for first in navigation and seamanship, first in technical and non-technical subjects, first in nautical astronomy, first in geography, second in sailmaking, second in technical subjects and second in science. Came ashore in 1958 and joined NCR as a Technician. Was also on detached duties to the army to assist in the Formation of the Waterborne Regiment in Langebaan. Attained the rank of Warrant Officer 1st Class and received the only Van Riebeeck Medal to be awarded in the S. September 1989 drafted to Durban as Command Master-at-arms of Naval Command East, retired April 1990. During service as officer in charge of Epping Fire Station in Cape Town, initiated and conducted familiarisation tours on numerous concerns in the Epping Industrial area.

He lectured on the staff of the General Botha for 19 years before taking up a post with the Department of Transport, Marine Division in Cape Town where, in due course, he became one of their senior examiners of masters and mates. Indentures cancelled October 1934 due to ill health after an accident on board the British Strength. Although I would obviously have dearly loved to end my career doing something associated with the sea, in hindsight I have no regrets about our decision. On leaving the General Botha, Bill married his childhood sweetheart, Betty Docherty and took a job with the Cape Times Ltd in the photo-lithographic section. Studied at the MN Officers club in Gardiner street where Denny Underwood taught two nights a week. Then SMIT Terminals moved me to the UAE as HR Manager.

1969 to 1971 joined the defence sales organsiation. Deceased 12/03/96After leaving the General Botha went back to school for one year. 1947 started a camping and caravan hire business before forming the Port Elizabeth Express Delivery Service and P E Storage Company which he ran for 30 years. In 1959 I joined Smiths Coasters until August of the same year, then like many a better man before me I was lured away from my maritime endeavours by a young maiden of considerable charm. When Maury retired he was the Director responsible for Consumer Marketing at Mobil S A. He was confirmed in the Anglican Church (The Rec Hall) by the famous Bishop Lavis of Cape Town. Joined Portnet in 1970, served as Mate and Master on the Harbour Tugs in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. Was one of the sea cadets that sailed the TS General Botha (previously the HMS Thames) from the United Kingdom to South Africa in 1921. 1996 established a tourist resort in Binga, on Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe. 1987 moved to Durban as Marine Personnel Manager for Safmarine. Navy as Confidential Books Officer in a civilian capacity. Son of Bertram Edward Claydon Fink and Blanche Muriel. It was mid-day and with the exception of a few memebrs of the crew, all were having lunch.

When the ship began to sink, two lifeboats were lowered but capsized. Son of William Stuart Thompson Ainslie and Constance Pauline, nee Lewis. In 1938 he joined the RAF in which he became Flight-Lieutenant and was awarded the DFC for gallantry in action during operations off the Island of Silt. sailed with Safmarine until 1990 when he went to Witwatersrand University to study quantity surveying. went to Universtiy and qualified as a Civil Engineer. Then joined the South Atlantic fleet in Simon’s Town as S/LT Navigator. After selling his boat spent five years with Consolidated Diamond Mines in Oranjemund. Safmarine had also opened their own offices in the States, and I was sent over as Port Captain, Houston to oversee operations in the US Gulf and South Atlantic. January 1984, appointed in civilian capacity as Senior Stores and Administration Clerk at S. He was on his way out from England on priority passage to take up the post of Lieutenant, SANF, since he could not be attested in London, when the Ceramic, on which he was travelling, was torpedoed and sunk, and he lost his life on 7 December 1942. 1951 he joined the Municipality of Cape Town Fire Department as a Fireman and by virtue of examinations passed, rose to the rank of Station Officer.

The chief officer and second engineer managed to board a life raft and while trying to assist other crew members were blown away from the ship. 1995 joined Kien Hung Shipping as their Cape Town Branch Manager. He was lost with flying-boat and crew over the North Sea on 29 June 1940. Completed his honours degree in 1993 and relocated to North America managing a regional office in Charlotte, USA, which handles pre and post contract services in the building trade. After many years in business in Johannesburg moved to Durban where he took over Ocean Sailing Academy with a partner. 2015 Financial Director, Vlocity Communications in Cape Town.sailed with British & Commonwealth Shipping Company until 1978. R.& H, Safmarine, Bank Line, Union Castle, Rennies, Smiths Coasters and the department of Transport. 1949 to 1952 served on three aircraft carriers in the Yellow Sea and Korean war. Then went to USA as Exchange Instructor in Navigation direction. joined Shell Tankers and when WWII broke out was at sea as a Deck Apprentice in the Shell tanker m.v. Then 26 years with a frozen food business, 17 of which were spent in George. is Commanding Officer of the South Afriacn Naval Reserve at port Elizabeth. Held this position for three years, and then moved to New York as Marine Superintendent. During this time was trained in all aspects of fire-fighting, fire-prevention, first aid and rescue methods.

After serving his apprenticeship and obtaining his 2nd Officers Certificate joined the Royal Fleet Auxiliary and was eventually promoted to Master on their tankers. Later joined the harbour service in Cape Town from where he retired as Assistant Port Captain in 1985. The first Both Boys to go to sea as Cadets in Merchant Shipping did so with a South African Company, the Thesen Line. In November 2003 John and Gloria decided to retire to Fish Hoek in order to do all those things they couldn’t do while John was working and, in particular, to spend some time with their three grandsons, Greg, Jamie and Dean.1945 – 1946 – S. Navy 1946 – 1948 – Union Castle Merchant Fleet 1949 – 1959 – Land Surveyor, Cape Town Municipality 1969 – 1980 – Minister, Methodist Church, Worcester, Swaziland, Burgersdorp, Umkomaas (Natal), Newcastle and Cape Town. 1947 second officer on Fort Meductic and Caithness. Whilst studying, sailed with Unicorn and on various fishing boats with Sea Harvest during vacations, graduating in 1988. 1961 – 64 – Teacher Training College, Manchester 1964 – obtained Teacher’s Certificate. 1968 – 71 – 2/O & C/O & Master with Rennies Coasters. He saw continuous service on coastal defense and the rescue of downed airmen. (from the London Gassette).”Previously a Director of Cape Gas in Cape Town. Navy from 1963 to 1966 and thereafter returned to the Civil Service. Traveled to Port Elizabeth on the ‘Andes’ to join HMS Banff and served in the Far East. As David says, ‘Life doesn’t get much better than that! Together they had the 42 feet junk Ying Hong built on the small island of Aplichau and in due course set off from Hong Kong heading east for America. He was reported missing, presumed drowned.1952 joined Anglo Saxon Petroleum Co (Shell Tankers) as apprentice, promoted to 2nd Officer. 1973 joined Gulf Oil Tankers and served in command of their tankers until 1976.

1981 – 1992 – Minister, United Reformed Church in the U. (Chelmsford) November 1992 – retired Bothie nickname “Skaap” Deceased 2002Joined Moss Hutchinson Line of Liverpool in March 1942 as Cadet on.m.v. 1948 Chief Officer on Laeveld on Van Riebeeck Lines. 1950 Chief Officer on Bokeveld and obtained Master’s FG. Then started work for a consulting engineering firm in Cape Town but was recruited by Henry Boot Construction after only 6 months and sent over to the UK in May 1989. Also became a well known figure in the sailing fraternity. Deceased 16/01/2013.1953 – 1961 – Clan Lines Steamers. 1964 – 68 – Teaching Primary School children, Liverpool. He finished up on the crash boats as Officer Commanding the No. Retired at 45 and became the manager of the Formosa Inn in Plettenberg Bay and later overseeing the building of the new Beacon Isle Hotel in Plettenberg Bay. Derek Baker joined the General Botha from Outeniqua High School in George, a smallish city which he always stoutly defended. Graham developed a career in marketing, and was the Marketing Manager for Afrox, Cape Town and PE. 1982 – Marketing Manager in non-ferrous metals for Mc Kechnie. Took part in the Normandy beach landings in France on 06/06/1944 and saw action with the North Atlantic Convoys and Far East. After cessation of hostilities, returned to South Africa and joined the Civil Service and was stationed in many different parts of the country. 1984 promoted to the Rank of Deputy Director and served the last two years as head of his department in Durban. Deceased 15/03/2001.1976 – 78 – Safmarine as Cadet and Acting Third Officer. Demobilized in Durban April 1946 and held various Posts in the Commercial field. Then joined Old Mutual at Pinelands and worked in the Powers SAMAS Department. An encounter with a typhoon in the China Sea brought them to shelter in Taiwan from where, on setting off once again, they were obliged to beat against the NE Monsoon for days on end with little or no progress. Then joined World Wide Shipping Agency in command and served at sea until 1979 when came ashore in Hong Kong as Port Captain and presently (1996) in charge of group safety, training and environment with various ancillary responsibilities.

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On my return in ’68, I got married and joined the fledgling Penguin-Poolquip Group as a rep. Left Pall in 1994 as travelling and being away from home was interfering with domestic bliss, a bit too late and I received my independence a couple of days before the rest of the country became a democracy. In November 1961 he and Gloria were married in Krugersdorp and they moved back to Klerksdorp to start a family, which eventually resulted in two daughters, Bev and Cheryl. I then understudied on the Dredger ‘Ribbok’ and took over as Master in 1986. 06/1969 – 09/1970 – Chief Officer with Unicorn Lines. In 1963 David met Julia Davison in Perth and they married soon after. On leaving the Botha he joined the British India Steam Navigation Company as cadet, serving in 13 of their ships over three years. 2002 Moved to Basel, Switzerland as a Global Brand Manager with Novartis. Whereafter returned to accounting and later commerce. 1968 – joined Estate Agency, Syfrets Trust Co, Ltd, Advancing to Property Sales Manager. as a Community Development Worker for 12 years and teaches as a specialist in the subject at the University of Wales. Was also a volunteer with the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary as a Captain. Submitted by Michael Linck: “Keith was a great guy and one who favoured maintaining high standards, albeit personally remaining quietly in the background.. Like me, both he and I were General Botha 1941/2 vintage. and served on cruisers of the East Indies and British Pacific Fleets. Subsequently he held positions with both Imperial Tobacco and Mobil Oil, both in secretarial and accountancy roles.

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