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A bestseller in its native Serbia -- now available in English -- this incredible look into the world of the Balkan Witch covers ritual trance, tools, rites for healing, love, divination, defense and for making charms, and also describes the deities, fairies and other supernatural spirits of Balkan Witchcraft. The attribution to the famed 19th century New Orleans cult figure Marie Laveau is obviously spurious, but the real author was incredibly well-versed in New Orleans style hoodoo.

attributed to Moses, edited by Joseph Peterson For people interested in folk magic.In creating this restored, corrected edition, Joseph Peterson drew on Scheible's final edition of the text and his original sources.It will be of great interest to those who have suffered through prior editions and anyone looking for a traditional source of Western magick.He discusses protective amulets from around the world, particularly those that ward off the evil eye.Then he shows you how to create, charge, purify and empower your own personal talismans for a variety of purposes from attracting love to winning a court case. Barbara Black Koltuv takes you on a journey of understanding -- a virtual treasure hunt for amulets, talismans, and magical jewelry.

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